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                      二維碼 手機掃一掃



                      RFID超高頻讀寫器 讀卡器 2端口 UHF RFID Reader 2-port

                      RFID超高頻讀寫器 讀卡器 2端口 UHF RFID Reader 2-port


                      Model RD-2A
                      Performance Specifications
                      Frequency Range 840MHz~960MHz
                      Protocol EPC C1G2, ISO18000-6B/C, and GB/T29768-2013(optional)
                      RFID Chip Impinj R2000
                      Communication protocol TCP/IP
                      Reading Distance 0-20 meters, adjustable
                      Antenna port 2 TNC ports
                      Working mode Fixed frequency/frequency hopping optional
                      Display interface HDMI 1080P
                      I / O interface 2 inputs, 3 outputs
                      Functional features It support intensive reading and writing, antenna standing wave detection function, firmware online upgrade, tag data filtering, RSSI: perceived signal strength
                      RF output power (port) 33dBm±1dBm(MAX)
                      Output power regulation 1 dB step
                      Channel occupied bandwidth <200KHz
                      Frequency stability ≤±20ppm
                      Read distance 0-20M (related to transmit power, antenna type, tag type and application environment)
                      Writing distance 0-10m (related to transmit power, antenna type, tag type and application environment)
                      Recognizing speed >600 times / S
                      Ethernet interface communication rate 10m / 100M adaptive
                      RS232 Baud rate support 9600, 19200, 115200 (default), 460800 optional;
                      USB USB2.0 full speed interface
                      OS Android 4.4
                      Power consumption 20W (output power 33dbm)

                      Ⅰ Introduction

                      RD-2A Reader is a high-performance RFID module designed and developed by Cykeo. It is equipped with four TNC antenna interfaces. It has the leading reception sensitivity in the industry. The single tag recognition rate is fast, and the multi-tag processing ability is strong. At the same time, the reading and writing module adopts independent die opening, all-aluminum die casting, exquisite appearance, excellent heat dissipation performance.




                      Ⅱ Features

                      1. Based on Impinj R2000It is designed based on the R2000 special UHFRFID chip with excellent performance, with strong scalability, stable performance, and powerful functions, which can meet a variety of applications;

                      2. Excellent read & write performanceThe reader has excellent reading performance, with a reading distance of up to 20M, a writing distance of up to 10M, and a reading speed of >500 times per second;

                      3. Configuration: It uses the Android4.4 operating system, and is equipped with a dedicated UHFRFIDR2000 chip, and a 1.6GHz quad-core processor;

                      4. Optional application: It supports one 485 interface, 3 GPO outputs, 2 GPI inputs, one USB output, and HDMI high-definition output;

                      5. Supports full-band work: China, Europe, the United States, Japan and other different frequency bands, GB, 920MHz925MHz, 840MHz-845MHz; FCC, 902MHz928MHz; ETSI865MHz868MHz; JP,916MHz920MHz;

                      6.  Wide scope of application: It is widely used in different fields such as vehicle inspection, customs clearance, vehicle inspection, personnel entry and exit, asset entry and exit, electronic ticket, file management, jewelry management, warehouse management and so on.




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